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Design Offices and Joinery Facility at 21 Enterprise Drive Wanaka

With the intent of providing a reliable source of quality craftsmanship and superb know-how, Joinery Crew has been set up to ensure that good design turns into great furniture. After many years of successful interior architecture projects completed and many happy clients, Melanie Craig determined that going the extra mile for her clients was needed. This meant investing in an industry which was not unfamiliar to her, but a completely new business endeavour.


Melanie alongside Anil, who is one of New Zealand’s top programmers, made a commitment to enter the joinery manufacturing industry, and take responsibility for the complete implementation of a design using exceptional manufacturing standards. In 2021 a completely new 760sqm facility was finished and fitted with the latest Italian laser edge banding and CnC machines, a facility which is modern, functional and efficient, complete with solar panels to ensure we generate our own energy. We consider how we impact the local environment with industry, and therefore are very particular about the disposal of materials containing harmful chemicals like glues and solvents. Firstly by reducing the amount of waste produced, and secondly by utilising local disposal agents who break the material down, this results in a responsible operation.


Complex designs require talented craftspeople. Attracting persons from throughout the world, and drawing upon their different skill sets, enables Joinery Crew to manufacture with the techniques and expertise to meet the demands of our high quality standards. Not only is the knowledge and skill base important to us, but also this makes for a colourful culture of teamwork, flexibility, job satisfaction and pride in the end product. With a blend of modern technology and artisanal craftsmanship, Joinery Crew stands at the forefront of delivering exquisite kitchens and full home packages of joinery, along with furniture pieces tailored to our client’s exacting specifications.


Committed to ensuring every project surpasses expectations, Melanie Craig's vision drives the team to continually push boundaries in execution and installation. The culmination of over 20 years of experience in the design industry and investment in a state-of-the-art facility has solidified Joinery Crew's reputation as a trusted partner in bringing interior visions to life. Joinery Crew is not just a manufacturer; it's a creator of enduring beauty and functionality, which will continue to leave a lasting impression on the owners of the homes it services.


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